Celebrating beauty

Today is a real autumnal day, except, you know, it’s still August. The climate has been crazy; these last few days it was exceptionally hot – we even had the hottest day in the area in the last 130 years. Don’t get me wrong, I love beaches, short dresses, cold lemonades and bare feet, but summer just isn’t what it used to be. In this time and age, surviving the summer without air conditioning is basically impossible.

But today, no air conditioning was needed. Yesterday’s storm and today’s rain made sure of it. I woke up, feeling refreshed and not hot for the first time in what feels like forever, and it gave me a strong feeling of joy. I was able to sit alone in silence and contemplation (since B is working), and just enjoy the rain and the fact that I had no special obligations today. And in the midst of coffee, gentle tapping of the rain on the windows and kitten cuddles, I started thinking about happiness.

Sometimes, just like many of you, I struggle with the concept of being happy, happy with my life, or with myself. Today, with internet and social media, it is hard not to compare ourselves with other people, and often think that our lives aren’t as good or fairytale-like or that we ourselves aren’t good enough. We compare everything – our bodies, our minds, our talents, our paths in life; and somehow we’re often on the losing side.

The truth is, we will always find someone whom we consider in some way better than us. But we are very much mistaken in thinking that way. No one is better or worse than us – they are simply different. And they are people just as much as we are.

I remember a quote I read long time ago on Pinterest, that says that you can admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own. This statement is so true. We are who we are, and others are who they are. Those two are not connected or dependant, they don’t cancel each other out. We can admire someone, and still feel good about ourselves. We will actually feel even better about ourselves if we can truly appreciate others.

So, one of the things that I’ve realized so far is that the concept of beauty can help us surpass that feeling. I cannot stress this enough – everyone is beautiful. That said, I’m not just talking about the physical appearance here. I’m talking about the beauty of life, of enjoying beautiful things and doing beautiful things.

Looking for beauty, whether by buying some pretty notebooks, getting to know interesting people, spending time with our friends and families, or having a makeover, can help us be happier in some way. Happy girls are the prettiest girls, Audrey Hepburn said. Can we really be truly happy if we don’t appreciate the beauty around us?

Looking for other people’s flaws or flaws in everything else only makes us more prone to looking for flaws in ourselves. Why not celebrate then, celebrate who we are and who other people are? Our personalities, our bodies, our accomplishments, everything that is a part of ourselves. And celebrate other people too. Just like us, they walk their own path, they have their own struggles, and they deserve to be celebrated by themselves and by others.

So today, and everyday, give compliments without hesitation, to both yourself and others, and search for beauty in everything you do and in everything you are. It will not always be easy, we will always struggle with comparison, but the more we practice appreciation for true beauty, the less struggle it gives us to love both ourselves and others.

And in order to do what I preach, I went outside and enjoyed the beauty of a rainy day, while taking pictures and cuddling the kittens. This is my beauty inspiration for today, but what about yours? Did something or someone inspired you today? What or who inspires you in general?

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  1. StephJ says:

    Hi there! I would love to invite you to take part in this 30 day self care challenge. #scaleitsimple30days Hope you can join in 🙂 http://scaleitsimple.com/2017/08/07/30-day-self-care-challenge/

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    1. Anja says:

      Of course! I’ll check it out 😊 Thank you for inviting me! ❤️


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